Migraine Pain Prevention in Nobleton - Dentist in Nobleton

If migraines or tension headaches are causing you problems, we may have a way to help. Kingsley Dental offers stabilization splints which are small oral devices that are worn while you sleep. Stabilization splints help to keep your jaw joints and muscles relaxed while preventing teeth clenching and grinding. So why is this useful? Besides eroding away teeth, nighttime teeth grinding and clenching place excessive pressure on your jaw joints and muscles. By alleviating the pressure from your jaw joints, you’re able to stop the source of your migraines while enjoying a better quality of sleep. The splints also protect your teeth's biting surfaces from wear and erosion.

The stabilization splints are custom-made for your mouth so are comfortable to wear. They are also smaller compared to traditional mouthguards so won’t trigger your gag reflex while you sleep. Best of all, they’ve been shown to be extremely effective at cutting down on nighttime grinding. In some studies, they’ve been shown to reduce grinding by nearly 70%.

If you’re suffering from migraines or headaches, we can help. Contact our office in Nobleton to set up a complimentary appointment to find out if stabilization splints are right for you.

Last Updated On 2021-10-27