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Are you worried about your dental appointment? Kingsley Dental offers sedation to our patients who are nervous about needing an upcoming dental procedure. 

We offer a selection of sedation methods including:

Inhalation of laughing gas- Nitrous oxide is given to the patient through a facemask, within an oxygen mixture. It puts the patient in a calm and relaxed state. Once the mask is removed, the effects don’t last long and the patient can resume their daily activities within an hour.

Oral Sedative - An oral sedative is given to the patient, which they have to take an hour before their procedure. The oral sedative helps the patient to feel relaxed and comfortable by the time their procedure begins.

IV - IV gives the most powerful sedative effects. The patient will be in a ‘twilight’ state and may drift in and out of consciousness. Because it is given through an IV, the dentist can easily manage the amount of sedation levels. 

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Last Updated On 2021-10-27